Sunday, October 21, 2012

We are back from High Point market in North Carolina!

We had such a great show that we can't wait to get back to High Point in April!  The contacts we have met and friendships made are invaluable! Who would of thought that 10 hours on our feet for 8 days would have gone so quickly! (Our husbands at home would disagree....but .....Oh well!)  :) They hopefully know how much they are appreciated!

A very special THANK YOU to  KAREN, AMANDA & CHANDRA for inviting us to participate in this antique show.

We want to share some of our highlights with you!

The talent we came across was overwhelming!  Below are some amazing lamps that Matt from
made with his own two hands!  If we could only own one of each!

Sorry I didn't get around to get this one for myself!

Then there is JOEL.Yup, Joel Sarvis......  You want to talk about talent?  This guy has it all!  Love him!  
He paints, sculpts & creates just about everything!
We will definitely keep in touch with him .

Then there is Tracy and Russell!  Harts creek furniture.
hartscreekllc.comTracy has the most amazing eye and builds furniture.  Indoor and outdoor, sleek & rustic.  I can't wait to get my out door table and bed I ordered for my son!

Oktoberfest Happy hour.....

Russell .....Funny, funny, funny guy.

Steph and I with Russell

Just having a little fun.....

This group is a for sure must for all future shows!  Love them!

Some amazing Hides.


 Carol Pollard and her Husband Ernie Pollard.  We can't wait. to visit them at their shop in Greensboro, NC.  The had a hopping booth! Below is a colorful unique stuffed horse that had a lot of interest.

I got to meet one of my favorite designers! Genivieve Gorder from HGTV.  She came into our booth and I told her I loved her.  Yes....I did.  I can't even say I'm embarrassed! I just did. a pic!  She is super sweet and was promoting her new carpet line.
Back to our handsome cowboy Russell.  Hat and all.....
Fanshawe and Blaine has unique vintage finds and two of the nicest owners we have ever met! Tori & Amanda, We can't wait to see them in Purseville, VA in December???

That's what we have right now.  It was a feat to get this blog updated with all the catch up needed at home.  We have more pic's somewhere.  But here is a start!  

Check out our Favorites in the right hand corner so you can get a closer look at these great Artisans!

 See you next time!  Denise and Steph.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

THE ANTIQUE AND DESIGN CENTERHigh point, North Carolina 

We made it!  Second trip to setup for the High Point show starting the 12th of October thru the 18th.
Phew!  We are so glad we came early!
This building is so awesome.  There are so many vendors with the most amazing merchandise all in one place.  It sure was hard to focus on fixing our room when your eyes just can't keep to themselves!  Drooling over all the amazing stuff around us!  :)

Ok, Not a great picture but I wanted to share what our space looked like before we put it together.  Chaos!!!
Our Amazing Friend Trina Lucido from The Paper Flea market gave us a goody TOOL KIT gift!  She is just amazing!  What didn't she think of?  

Look at all of this stuff!  I want a tool kit to just lock her up in to help us all the time.  What would we do without you Trina???????

After working for about 5 hours, this is what we were able to pull together!
Front view of our space
Left front. Oh....those mirrors!  I love them!
This isn't a clear pic.  Sorry!  Back left venue with warm colors.  That is actually a pumpkin burnt orange colored chaise lounger.  It would be amazing in an room.
Back left corner near the hall windows.  This round table is made out of a huge round window.  We had an iron worker make a base for it to sit into.  Both Steph and I wanted to keep it.....but, When we both love something so much we decide to sell it.  Fair, is fair!  hahaha!
This is in the hallway.  We used our more masculine/rustic decor.  The two spheres on top of  the chairs are hanging lights.
Great writing desk, antique chest, wallpaper lamp, Huge Chalkboard and accessories!
Another venue.  Great antique game table, bar cart, Mohair lime green chair and one more wallpaper  roll lamp.  We are obviously obsessed with them!
A closer view!
and....last but not least this amazing drafting table.  I LOVE IT!

We are having such a blast.  Were taking off at 5:00 am tomorrow.  Few more finishing touches and the room is ready for business!