Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Blessings in Disguise

     For the past 10 years my family has been going to Seaside Florida to enjoy the amazing Gulf Coast waters,  family attractions and quaint surroundings.

One of my favorite things to do in Seaside is to shop. (Yes imagine that! SHOP!) The southern clothing shops/Boutiques that have one of a kind clothing and jewelry and the art galleries that inspire me every time  that I walk through them.

As usual..... I wasn't disappointed!  I stumbled upon the most amazing jewelry. Little did I know, the artist was someone I had met at our last High Point trip.  I recognized  the business card and had to call her!

                          Melissa Rovner is the owner and artist of "BLESSINGS-IN-DISGUISE" jewelry company.

She and her sister started making jewelry when her mother brought them all her old costume jewelry for their kids during a Christmas visit.  Melissa and her sister started to take it apart and string pieces back together to tie around their presents.  Soon they had a successful ribbon and pearl business which got them noticed by the salvage group from the Titanic recovery.  They admired their craftsmanship and so said if they could work the coal from the Titanic, the commission was theirs.  They finally figured out how to harden and drill it and their work became part of that collection.  Now she searches the world for beautiful vintage & Antique materials, with a special affection for religious pieces, to make unique pieces of jewelry -- each with their own story.

I was so excited to visit her studio!  Below are some pictures!

What started it all........

Melissa's studio

at a glance.....

Relics waiting to be put incorporated into that special piece.

Busts with sample pieces of original jewelry created.

just a little excited...
Color inspiration!

A little blurry! :O  Im sorry!  But still had to post these amazing bracelets she makes out of medallions, leather and chain.

what to start with?
Crosses, so different.

Vintage chain, medallions and shade/leather.


Rosary chain

close up, notice different chain patinas and sizes!

One of Melissa's newest pieces.  Has my name written all over it!

Stacking bracelets.  I wish my arm was much larger..I would surely wear them all.  at once!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  The pictures don't due the pieces justice.  They are more amazing in person!
So,....finally , THE BARN ON SWEETWOOD is so proud to be the Virginia contact for their line of jewelry.


You will be able to shop soon through our Facebook posts and our online store www.thebarnonsweetwood.com.  We will also have her line available at our next sale in September.  If you cant wait until September, then check our site and facebook often and we will post pics for you!

Bye for now!