Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally! Brimfield photos uploaded!

Brimfield Antique show was Fantastic!  It was the eye candy that went on for the Willy Wonka of antiques and unique finds.  Each booth was better than the last.
On the first day one we pretty much passed out the minute we got back to the hotel.  The funny fact is that we had only seen one quarter of it all.  

All in all, there were great finds.  Just what we were looking for.... and many things we couldn't resist purchasing!  The good news is that we have some fabulous items for everyone.  We couldn't bring home everything so pictures work really well for memories!

Here are some pictures we want to share with you!

Plenty of Linen's and....

Vintage scrap metal letters

Ball thingies made of glass (no, they aren't watermelons)

even several unexpected items.

Hardware galore.

Rumor has it...Ralph Lauren shops here for his stores.

real architectural corbel's

Love them!  

How about a unusual placemat!

This is the "Queen of Green"  Whimsical, fun artist. She uses recycled paints to use on her canvas.  She really has a great eye for putting her colors together. 

One of our "must have" purchases!  Old church window with original hardware.

Artist and a Gentleman.  Made the below magnifying glasses by hand.

These are the most amazing magnifying glasses, the pictures don't do them justice.  If you look in the Horchow magazine , you are looking at his artwork.

Bottles in every shape and size.

And more hardware.

Doors, doors and more doors.

Amazing clock & cabinet.

Faddy!  Owner of "Faddy's " doughnuts & Ice Cream.  To die for! Wish he would move to Northern Virginia.

Fresh made!  Steph and I ate the first row.

Clocks., Wings.

Ok, these freaked me out a few times over.  But, I wish my kids were this well behaved.

Giddy up.

Our Happy Bottle boy.  bottles are his company.  Trina Lucido (aka Sprinkles) is his Biggest Fan!

This pretty much say's it all!!!    Good by for now!  Next a report on Lucketts's in Leesburg VA.

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