Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello Fall! We are ready to sell!

We are just about ready to sell some great stuff! It feels like we have been collecting & working forever! This summer went by too quickly so it was decided to have a Fall show.
I love Fall.  Everything about the fall makes me happy!  The colors are amazing and inspirational.

Steph and I did one last shopping trip last weekend.  Just couldn't resist the opportunity.  Hoping that you like it as much as we do.  Below are some cool things encountered...some purchased and some just admired.

Our Big sale will be on the 15th of October -thru the 17th.  I hope you can come and visit us.  Bring some friends!  We are looking forward to seeing you!

Everyone needs a Disco Ball.

Bundled old books.  

I always fall in love with something French.

Old "pretty" books for the collectors.

There were so many amazing hand made iron tables and lights.

This was an awesome booth.  Someone made lights out of old Crab pots.

One of my favorite booths.

Love the nail heads on this Wing Back chair!

A little of everything in here.

Thought this was so sweet.

Ok, not everyone's thing, but anyone that knows me, knows I was going nuts for the Santos!

Magnet boards.  So fun!

Bingo ball magnets!  Love them!

I will try to be a lttle better with the blogging.  At least a couple a week.
We will give you sneak peaks throughout the weeks before the show on finished pieces.
Have a great day!
Denise & Steph

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