Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sharing some of my latest panting work!

I recently did a job for a "Bed & Breakfast" in Hume Va.  It was a small part of a big job but I loved it and really liked how the final product came out!  A designer Friend hired me for this job.  She was very specific with what she wanted on these cabinets matching some fabric that she had used in the room.

I started with the flat area of the cabinet and hand painted a molding.  It matched the fabric I was given.

This is a closer picture.  I did a total of 3 of these.

The three together.  Now time to add the center artwork.

The main fabric used in the room

Fabric to duplicate

This is one side cabinet I painted & antiqued

close up

center of the cabinet

This is what the three cabinets look like together! The center cabinet is the logo for the B &B.

The other side front.

This is the entire unit put together at the Bed & Breakfast.

The marble top really brings it all together.

another view.

I want to stay here for a couple of days!  Amazing place.  So relaxing!  :)
The Designer has such a gift for putting fabric together.  I love everything she does!

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